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Product Description

Proteoglycan F (salmon cartilage)

Proteoglycan is a type of Glycoprotein where Glysaminogly-cans such as Chondroitin sulfate are attached to the core protein. Proteoglycan F is extracted from salmon nasal cartilage.

Proteoglycan F for joint health:

The incidence of osteoarthritis (OA), which become a serious problem recently with OA, the number of chondrocytes is less so cartilage matrix containing Proteoglycan cannot be produced resulting in less cartilage. The bones rub against each other will occur when ectopic calcification occur.


Proteoglycan is the main component of cartilage and exists among net-like type II collagen. It has high moisture holding function and provide cartilage viscosity and elasticity.

Study of Proteoglycan:

A study had been done on cell proliferation, chondrocyte differentiation and calcification suppression. Based on the study, adding Proteoglycan extracted from nasal cartilage of Salmon was confirmed to significantly increase of Cartilaginous progenitor cell ability of chondrocyte differentiation and inhibition of Cartilage calcification and maintain of Cartilage.


Joint Care

  • Constitutent of cartilage that contributes to joint and cartilage health
  • 3 times higher bioavailability than glucosamine
  • Improve joint movement, arthritis and prevent degenerative joint damage

Clinical Test Outcome:

Joint Care

  • A clinical study published in the journal of the American Osteopathic Association shows that the pain odegenerative arthritis can be improved 6 weeks after GreenNAG intake
  • DITI (digital infrared thermal imaging) shows that daily consumption of 1,000mg GreenNAG for 16 weeks resulted in the pain relief of knees in the early degenerative arthritis patients.

Bonepep (Egg Yolk peptide)

Bonepep is an active ingredient and functional peptide that enhance osteoplast proliferation, enhances calcium and collagen function and reduce osteoclast. The source of Bonepep is from extracted egg yolk peptide. As an egg is called “the perfect food”, it is an excellent food that contains the necessary nutrition.